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A Comprehensive Review of Plants and Their Active Constituents With Wound Healing Activity in Traditional Iranian Medicine

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  Abstract: Introduction. Wound healing is a complex cascade of events with various cellular and biochemical processes that result in reconstruction and regeneration of damaged tissue. The objective of the current study was to scientifically evaluate the medicinal plants said to produce wound healing activity in traditional Iranian medicine (TIM)....

Clinical Utility of Growth Factors and Platelet-Rich Plasma in Tissue Regeneration: A Review

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  Abstract: Introduction. Many elements are involved in the regenerative process of injured tissues, such as cytokines and growth factors. Growth factors contained in platelets represent an important physiological mixture of factors that may be involved in the healing process. ...

Burns Induced by Cupping Therapy in a Burn Center in Northeast China

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  Abstract: Cupping therapy as a curative skill has been developed and applied throughout history. Despite reports of adverse effects, this therapy is considered to be relatively safe with no systemic reviews documenting negative side effects. The aim of this study was to explore methods that avoid the adverse effects sometimes associated with this therapy. ...

Sacral Decubitus After Cervical Spine Injury: A Case Report and Suggestions for Avoiding Such Wounds

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  Abstract: Sacral decubitus ulcers after cervical spine injuries are particularly debilitating wounds. An illustrative case is presented here and strategies are proposed that may help reduce the incidence of this type of wound. ...

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The aim of this study was to compare healing rates while considering costs between 2 skin substitute products. A retrospective pilot study was completed in 2012. The healing rates and costs of 2 products as advanced treatment modality for patients with venous ulcers and DFUs at the institution were compared by a retrospective chart review of 9 patients.

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