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Sentinel Node Mapping in Marjolin’s Ulcers: Is it Feasible?

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Abstract: Introduction. This study evaluated the feasibility of sentinel node biopsy in Marjolin’s ulcers using peritumoral injection of the radiotracer and blue dye....

Comparison of Health Care Costs and Hospital Readmission Rates Associated With Negative Pressure Wound Therapies

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Abstract: Objective. A retrospective national claims database analysis evaluated total and wound-related costs (eg, hospital readmission rates) for patients with chronic wounds treated with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), comparing NPWT-V (V.A.C. Therapy, KCI, an Acelity company, San Antonio, TX) and NPWT-O (other non-KCI models of NPWT, the brands of which were not known to the researchers)....

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The test method described in this paper allows simple, quantifiable, and visual comparison of the moisture level within the simulated periwound when covered with different types of wound dressings. These findings could aid clinicians in selecting appropriate dressings for wounds with varying levels of exudate.

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