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Failure to Reposition After Sliding Down in Bed Increases Pressure at the Sacrum and Heels

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Abstract: The head of the bed (HOB) for a patient is often elevated since it improves comfort and facilitates respiratory functions. However, elevating the HOB essentially causes the patient support surface to turn into a ramp, forcing the patient’s body to slide down. As the patient slides down, weight pressing on the pelvis, the coccyx, and the ischial tuberosities increases, resulting in associated increases in interface pressures. ...

The Effect of Combined Ultrasound and Electric Field Stimulation on Wound Healing in Chronic Ulcerations

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Abstract: Introduction. Ultrasound and electric stimulation are known therapies for the treatment of chronic ulcerations. Combined modulated ultrasound and electric field stimulation (CUSEFS) have never been studied as a single modality. The authors evaluate the results of CUSEFS (BRH Medical Ltd, Jerusalem, Israel) on a variety of wound types in a number of clinics. Methods. This retrospective analysis looked at ulcers treated with CUSEFS in 4 clinics. Wounds were evaluated by an independent assessor and data was evaluated by an independent statistician. ...

Comparing Calcium Alginate Dressings to Vacuum-assisted Closure: A Clinical Trial

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Abstract: Introduction. Several treatment modalities and protocols for arterial wound ulcers are available; however, little consensus exists on which treatment modality provides the best results. The present study sought to compare and evaluate the clinical efficacy of vacuum-assisted closure wound therapy to calcium alginate dressings in the treatment of neuroischemic diabetic foot ulceration. ...

Subcutaneous Injection of Percocet: A Case of Severe Soft Tissue Loss

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Abstract: Prescription drug abuse ranks as the second most common class of illicit drug use in the United States, and one mechanism of opiate abuse involves intravenous injection of enteral narcotics such as oxycodone or hydrocodone. The authors describe a patient who sustained significant soft tissue necrosis after intravenously injecting a solution made from crushed enteral narcotics, with a focus on the operative course that resulted due to a delay in initial definitive treatment. ...

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