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Medical Honey and Silver Dressings Do Not Interfere with Each Other’s Key Functional Attributes

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 Abstract: Objective. This study sought to determine whether silver-containing dressings and medical-grade honey gel interfere with one another in measurable ways....

Effects of Circadian Rhythm Disorders on Wound Healing and Strength of Bowel Anastomosis in Rats

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Many body systems, especially the immune system, are affected by circadian rhythm disorders (CRDs). This study investigated the effects of shift lag on wound healing and bowel anastomosis in rats....

Visualization of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Distributions Within Pressure Ulcer Tissue Using the Wound Blotting Method: A Case Report and Discussion

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Wound blotting can be used to visualize the protein distribution on a wound bed through protein collection by attaching a nitrocellulose membrane to the wound surface. This study checked for consistency between the protein distributions determined by wound blotting and those determined by removal of the tissue....

Surface Acoustic Wave Patch Therapy Affects Tissue Oxygenation in Ischemic Feet

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  Abstract: Introduction. Transcutaneous oxygen pressure (TcPO2) less than 30 mm Hg at the toe leads to local tissue hypoxia and nonhealing wounds. Studies regularly illustrate that TcPO2 values are strong predictors of healing and can accurately demonstrate altered levels when extremities have restricted blood flow....

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Severe injuries to lower limbs occurring in the pediatric population represent a unique challenge for reconstructive surgeons. The need for optimal anatomical repair and functional recovery must take into consideration several variables that may remarkably affect overall outcomes, length of hospitalization, and quality of life during recovery.

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