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Patients With Diabetes Underuse Special Footwear

  A new study has found that patients with diabetes walk without wearing specialized footwear designed to prevent foot sores too often.

  According to research published in Diabetes Care, a new study of 107 diabetic patients found that 29% of steps by patients during a 2-week period were taken without the use of their custom-made shoes. Researchers also found that patients wore their preventive shoes less often at home than when they were outside of their house (39% compared to 87%, respectively).

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FDA Import Alert Prompts Increase in US Production

  The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced an import alert on certain steam sterilized plastic bandages and cotton pads that are imported from China.

  In response, Covidien (Mansfield, MA) has increased manufacturing of its cotton-based wound care products made in the US to insure there are no disruptions in the supply of these materials. These products have been detained without physical examination due to microbiological contamination. Covidien does not import or distribute any of the steam-sterilized products affected by the FDA’s decision.

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Cardium Announces Distribution Agreement With Academy Medical

  Cardium Therapeutics (San Diego, CA) announced a distribution agreement with Academy Medical, LLC (Gainesville, Fl) to market, sell, and distribute Excellagen to United States government medical providers, including the Veterans Administration (VA) health care system and military hospitals. Excellagen is FDA-cleared, to support advanced wound care in a broad range of dermal wounds.

  Academy Medical’s initial focus will be to provide education and training on the use of Excellagen in the treatment of traumatic wounds; nonhealing venous, pressure and diabetic ulcers; limb salvage; and post-Mohs skin cancer surgery and to support distribution within its growing customer base of more than 35 VA and military hospitals within the US.

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US Wound Care Management Market Outlook to 2018

  GlobalData’s (New York, NY) new report, “United States Wound Care Management Market Outlook to 2018 Advanced Wound Management, Wound Closure Devices, Pressure Relief Devices, Ostomy Drainage Bags and Others” provides key market data on the US Wound Care Management market. The report provides value, volume, and average price data for each segment and sub-segment within market categories: negative pressure wound therapy, wound closure devices, pressure relief devices, traditional wound management, compression therapy, advanced wound management, ostomy drainage bags, tissue engineering, wound debridement devices, and automated suturing devices. The report also provides company shares and distribution shares data for each of the aforementioned market categories.

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