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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a free service of HMP Communications LLC. (the Publisher) as an extension of its Web site, www.woundsresearch.com (the Site). The service provides feeds of article headlines in XML content for readers who use RSS aggregators. Although the service is made available without charge, the use of the service is subject to these Terms of Use:

  • The Publisher offers RSS feeds as a free service for non-commercial use. Any other use, including placement of advertising or other promotional content not authorized by the Publisher, is strictly prohibited.
  • While RSS feed content may not be edited; display may be altered to fit your web site.
  • RSS feeds provide summary headline text and are specifically designed to take the viewer directly to articles hosted on the Site; they may not be used in any other way. Use of the RSS feeds without the embedded link to www.woundsresearch.com is prohibited. No content, including intermediary or “splash” pages, may be inserted between the RSS link and the associated page at the Site. The browser window in which the Publisher’s Site appears may not be framed or otherwise controlled to limit its size, position, or content.
  • The use or display of the RSS feed does not suggest that the Publisher promotes or endorses any third party causes, ideas, Web sites, products, or services.
  • The Publisher retains all ownership and other rights in the RSS content and any/all logos or other business marks used in connection with the RSS service. Users of the RSS feeds must provide proper attribution to the Site as the source of the content adjacent to or in reasonable proximity to the presentation of the RSS feed.

The Publisher reserves the right to discontinue providing any or all of the RSS feeds. Furthermore, the Publisher reserves the right to require users to cease displaying, distributing, or otherwise using any or all of the RSS feeds for any reason including, without limitation, any violation of any provision of these Terms of Use. The Publisher assumes no liability for any activities taken in connection with the RSS feeds or use of the RSS feeds in connection with any Web site. The Publishers reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time without notice.

What is an RSS Feed? An RSS feed is a listing of a Web site's content that is updated whenever new content is published to the site. Programs called RSS readers download the RSS feed and present it to you in your news reader as a list of headlines and excerpts. Each headline will have a link back to the Web site it comes from, allowing you to read the entire story.


Why should I subscribe to an RSS feed? An RSS feed saves you time. Instead of checking our site our RSS feeds bring the news directly to you. In addition, our different RSS feeds cater to different niches within the industry, ensuring that you get the news that most interests you.

How can I access an RSS feed? In order to read an RSS feed, you'll need an RSS reader. There are many free Web-based RSS readers available or you could download RSS reading software.

How can I display woundsresearch.com RSS feeds on my Web site? Please seek direction for displaying feeds as it relates to your particular website.



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