Alliqua's SilverSeal Dressing Shown to Improve Surgical Wound Outcomes in Clinical Study

  Alliqua, Inc (New York, NY) announced the results from a post-marketing study to assess surgical wound outcomes in patients who have undergone foot and ankle surgery. In this study, the company’s SilverSeal® dressing was shown to have a lower incidence of incision complications, including infection, and a greater reduction in scar length compared to standard petroleum-based dressing.

  In this study, patients who had undergone ankle and foot (including forefoot, midfoot, or hindfoot) surgery were randomized to receive either SilverSeal (dressing A) or a standard petroleum-based dressing (dressing B). Patients were monitored for three months following surgery to assess degree of scarring and the incidence of incision complications, such as superficial or deep infections or wound rupture, along the surgical suture. Of the 9 incision complications observed, 8 occurred in patients using dressing B and only 1 in those using dressing A (P = 0.03). Length of post-surgical scarring was also reduced to a greater extent in patients using dressing A compared to those with a standard petroleum-based dressing.

  These results are summarized in a poster titled "Utilization of Silver Hydrogel Sheet Dressing on Post-Surgical Incisions: A Pilot Study in Foot & Ankle Surgery" that was presented at the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society annual meeting.

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