Wound Care Education Institute Launches New Website

  Wound Care Education Institute ([WCEI] Plainfield, IL) has released their new updated website. The site features a complete redesign that incorporates bold, rich, graphics and new navigational tools. The result is a clean, consistent look, making it easier for individuals to find pertinent information quickly. New functionality includes:

    * Easier content navigation
    * Self-qualifying user registration process
    * Greater social media integration
    * Stronger webinar presentation platform
    * Updated alumni section
    * Quick class location finder
    * Annual (WOW) conference information

  As the company’s education offerings have continued to expand, the need for a more dynamic website platform became inevitable. Their business has grown significantly in the past few years, so the re-engineering of the site reflects their expanded business model. The site’s easy navigation and mobile application download availability are just a few examples of how they are now better able to engage customers with relevant content and support.

  Visit www.wcei.net for more information.

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