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Biomechanical Skin Property Evaluation for Wounds Treated With Synthetic and Biosynthetic Wound Dressings and a Newly Developed Collagen Matrix During Healing of Superficial Skin Defects in a Rat Model

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Abstract: Introduction. There is a high prevalence of superficial wounds such as partial-thickness burns. Treatment of these wounds frequently includes temporary application of wound dressings. The aim of this study was to compare a newly developed collagen matrix with commonly used temporary skin dressings for treatment of partial-thickness skin defects....

Histogram Planimetry Method for the Measurement of Irregular Wounds

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Abstract: Introduction. Irregularly shaped wounds or flap borders usually require specified software or devices to measure their area and follow-up wound healing. In this study, an easy way of area measurement called histogram planimetry (HP) for wounds with irregular geometric shapes is defined and compared to conventional millimetric wound measurement....

Efficacy and Safety of a Novel Autologous Wound Matrix in the Management of Complicated, Chronic Wounds: A Pilot Study

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Abstract: Introduction. The objective of this pilot study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a novel method using an autologous whole blood clot formed with the RedDress Wound Care System (RD1, RedDress Ltd, Israel), a provisional whole blood clot matrix used in the treatment of chronic wounds of various etiologies....

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The Reliability of a Novel Mobile 3-dimensional Wound Measurement Device

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Abstract: Background. Objective assessment of wound dimensions is essential for tracking progression and determining treatment effectiveness. A reliability study was designed to establish intrarater and interrater reliability of a novel mobile 3-dimensional wound measurement (3DWM) device....

The Effect of a Bacteria- and Fungi-binding Mesh Dressing on the Bacterial Load of Pressure Ulcers Treated With Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: A Pilot Study

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Abstract: Objective. This study was designed to clinically evaluate the efficacy of a bacteria- and-fungi-binding mesh (BFBM) dressing to modify the bacterial load of pressure ulcers (PUs) of categories 3 and 4, when used as a wound contact layer (WCL) during negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)....

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Tuberculosis is a common problem in Turkey, and cutaneous tuberculosis is a rare form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Herein, the authors describe a case of cutaneous tuberculosis (lupus vulgaris) occurring after contact with a sheep.

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